Sound Healing

Sound Healing uses especially developed singing bowls that emanate relaxing sounds and healing frequencies. As the human body is made mainly from water, it makes a perfect medium for the sound and vibration to travel to every part of your body – muscles, organs, veins, nerves, joints, even bones.

Sound and vibration release all the negative emotions, trapped energies, and creates the state of harmony and coherence.

We have 2 nervous systems:

1. 'Fight or Flight' which is designed for dealing with danger, and life-threatening situations.

2. 'Rest and Repair' responsible for healing of the physical body, restoration, and growth.

Both are very important. Think of them like a gas and break in a car. You need both for the car to drive smoothly. And exactly like gas and break, you can only use one of them at a time.

When you are under stress (real or imagined) your body switches to fight or flight mode, releases the stress hormones to help you deal with danger. Survival is the priority. Healing and restoration are put on hold. It is not possible to heal in the presence of stress hormones.

In modern world we are hardly ever in a life-threatening situation. We replaced the real danger with our stressful jobs, problematic relationships, financial difficulties etc. We are under constant stress and quite often we are unable to switch off.

Sound Healing is an extremely relaxing treatment that will take you to a meditative like trance. After about 10 minutes of being exposed to gentle sounds and vibrations, your brain starts resonating with the healing frequencies. It helps you to switch off and achieve a relaxing state of mind so that the healing and restoration can start.

Sound Healing should be ideally experienced live in a group or individual session. Laying down in a comfortable position, with a pillow and a blanket so you can drift into a relaxation, while I play the healing instruments all around you. However, listening to the Sound Bath through headphones in the comfort of your own home is also effective.


Sound Massage

Sound Massage is a treatment that blends old and new: ancient practices, and modern, scientific research about the effects of sound and vibration on the human body.

This method has an extraordinary impact because it works on cellular level. It influences your nervous system, and your brain, shifting you to a meditative like trance so you can switch off and relax. After all, your body is a masterpiece and it knows how to heal itself. We just have to help it by providing healing conditions.

During Sound Bath healing instruments are placed, and played around you. During Sound Massage the Himalayan Bowls are placed on your clothed body, and then they are gently sounded. Sound and vibration are absorbed by the whole body making it more powerful experience. The range of frequencies emitted by the bowls has a calming effect, drawing your brain into a meditative state. Such soothing athmosphere of deep relaxation, wholeness, and safety sets a perfect stage for letting go: stress, fears, pains, all the feelings that have a negative impact on your health.

In our modern life we are constantly exposed to stress, which means our bodies are in constant FIGHT OR FLIGHT state. Sound Massage triggers the body to switch to REST AND REPAIR stage. It initiates the process of self-healing and detoxyfication, supports development of inner harmony, and provides balance, strength, creativity and productive energy.



Sound Healing Session Live / Online - 60euro

Sound Massage 1hour - 60euro

Sound Bath Group Session - contact me