Love and Peace Meditation

This is not Meditation FOR Love and Peace. When you meditate FOR something, you are acknowledging you don’t have it. You emanate the energy of lack. And the fastest way to attract something to your life is by feeling as if you already have it. That is why this is Love and Peace Meditation.

13 min guided meditation to stop wars. Designed for all wars but inspired by Ukraine – Russia war.

One morning I meditated with an intention to find out what I could do to improve the current situation of the World. I wanted an effective solution. And an idea popped into my head. An idea inspired by one of the books I read about ancient prayers, and the power of mass meditation. Not having the courage, or organisational skills to create such a mass event – I simply imagined it.

And this is the result. A relaxing meditation that you can listen at the comfort of your home. All you need is a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Listen to it with closed eyes, in a comfortable sitting, or laying down position.

I did it on my individual level, now you can do it on yours, and we all contribute towards the same cause. Isn’t this amazing?!

Download it here for free