Graceful Receiving

Mind listens all the time. To the things we say things to ourselves, to what our friends and family members say, unconsciously we listen to the messages in media, books, culture...

Mind learns through repetition, so the messages we hear over and over soon become our reality.

We have a choice, and we can take matters in our hands: decide what we want our programming to be by choosing positive, constructing, and empowering messages.

If you are working on your divine feminine energy, you probably understand that graceful receiving is a big part of that. Manifesting abundance is one thing, but being open to receive it, is another.

This 5min recording is designed in a way that with repetitive listening it will teach you how to receive in the most graceful way, be comfortable with that, and feel that you deserve it.

Listen to it often, with undivided attention (maybe as a part of your morning routine), or as a background when you do something else. Subconscious Mind listens and records all the time, even when Conscious Mind is occupied.

Download it here for free