Forgiveness Meditation

Forgiveness is not about letting someone off the hook, and saying 'it's OK'. It is not about forgetting and moving on. It's not about excusing the harm or reconciling with the person who hurt us.

The real forgiveness is about choosing not to hold the grudge. It's about freeing yourself of resentment, hate, desire for revenge. It's about the willingness to see the other person for more than what they did to hurt us. It's about releasing your own emotional burdens, and really has nothing to do with another person. 

Why is it important to forgive? I brings peace, it is liberating, it is moving on spiritual path, it encourages compassion, and even it benefits your health!

Inspired by the book 'Radical Forgiveness' I created a short meditation to take you through the steps towards liberation, peace, inner healing, and empowerment.

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